Randall Way, Retford

Thank you for your interest in commenting on this scheme, before proceeding to the survey questionnaire please take a moment to read a description of the scheme and view the plans. Proposals are subject to further detailed design and comments received during the consultation process will support this.

The proposed scheme in Retford will create a two-way cycle route on the south-eastern side of Randall Way. The new route will continue onto the north-eastern side of the A638 North Road, ending at a crossing point near Silverdale Close. The scheme includes upgrading the pedestrian refuge near Silverdale Close to a toucan crossing. The proposed scheme will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians using this route, which links existing employment sites and residential conurbations to the town centre via Hallcroft Road and A638 North Road.

The plan for the proposed scheme and a virtual view of one section of the route can be viewed below.

Please ensure your response is submitted by 16 August 2021; the replies will be reviewed and fed back to the County Council, to support the decision-making process.

Virtual 2D View